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Classified Ad Policy


Your registration includes up to half of a page of pre-formatted text and up to 3 color graphics in pre-existing .JPG or .GIF format or photos suitable for scanning sent by mail. Your advertisement will be posted for 6 months or until the car sells. All descriptions should include the owners contact information, such as phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses, so that any prospective buyers may contact him/her directly. The Fiero Store will not facilitate the final transaction of any vehicle posted on its site. Please contact us by phone or e-mail when you have sold the vehicle or when the advertisement is no longer valid.


The Fiero Store reserves the right to crop photographs to fit layouts. The Fiero Store will not publish any photograph deemed unsuitable or profane.

Although every effort shall be taken to accurately reproduce photographs supplied, The Fiero Store does not guarantee the suitability of reproduction or final appearance of any photographs supplied. Original material supplied by mail cannot be returned unless a self-addressed stamped envelope is included. All electronic files will be deleted upon the cancellation of the ad.

Photographs supplied on disk or as e-mail attachments shall be scanned for viruses and other Trojan Horses. Any file containing material suspected of causing damage through virus transmission will be destroyed immediately, without recourse to the contents thereof.

The Fiero Store shall not be held responsible for the electronic theft or copying of any photograph that appears at this site. Any copyrighted material must clearly display the copyright owner's name, date and any other relevant notice.


Cancellation of advertisements AT ANY TIME does not qualify for any REFUNDS.