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Haynes Service Manual Back in Stock!
This manual was always a great quick reference guide to servicing and working on your Fiero. It went out of print a few years ago and we are happy to have it on the shelves once again.
Now Back in Stock: 84-88 Fiero Fuel Sending Units!
After a long wait, the Fiero Sending Units are back on the shelf! Made for V6, but easily adapted to 4cyl cars w/ our new connector kit (Part #60915)!
84-88 Fuel Sending Unit Connector Kit
These 2 mating weatherpack connectors can be used as a direct replacement for all 85-88 V6 Fieros and as a splice kit when installing our fuel sending unit in a 4cyl car. Includes both the sending unit side and the vehicle harness side connector.
1988 Caliper Sliders and Boots Now Available
The Fiero Store has now reproduced these long discontinued 1988 caliper sliders (sleeves) and slider boots. Ripped or torn boots will allow water into the slider. Damaged and corroded sliders can prevent smooth caliper movement, resulting in improper braking.
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3rd Brake Lamp Housing
The 3rd brake lamp housing in every Fiero tends to melt from the heat of the bulb. This can be hazardous and will reduce the brightness of your 3rd brake lamp. Our new aftermarket lamp housing also includes a new rubber seal that fits between the rear window and lens.
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86-88 GT OE Style Quarter Windows
These reproduction GT quarter windows are the closest match to the discontinued GM originals that we have sold. Each window is vacuum molded to have the correct curvature from front to back and top to bottom. They also have an almost identical dot matrix pattern and GT emblem.
84-88 Battery Support
The Fiero Store has now reproduced this discontinued GM battery support. The original support rusts and corrodes due to weather and battery acid. A rusted support will result in an unsecure battery and could become a saftey hazard. We also offer a complete battery box package at a heavily discounted price.
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Power Window Switch Plates
Replace your cracked or faded power window switch plate with a quality aftermarket reproduction. This switch plate will fit in your shift console without any modifications. Available for models with or without power mirrors.
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NEW! 86-88 GT Premium Quarter Window Set
These premium reproduction windows have the most correct curvature available and a green tint similar to the original GM windows (a little darker). They are made of acrylic glass like OE and are a CNC cut shape for better than OE consistency and fit. These are the highest quality GT quarter windows available today.
Door Insulation and Water Shields
With Fieros being over 20 years old, most door insulation and water shields are missing, torn or wet from bad weatherstripping. The watershields will keep the interior components of your doors nice and dry while the insulation reduces road noise and cold air drafts.