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84-88 LED Headlamp Conversion Kit
Upgrade your stock dim 80's headlamps and improve night time driving enjoyment with our newest headlamp conversion kit that utilizes replaceable LED bulbs.
84-88 Center Console Skeleton
84-86 Headlamp Motor Isolation relay
The Fiero Store is proud to announce the release of this long discontinued headlamp motor isolation relay for 84-86 Fieros. If both motors are not working, then this is very often the culprit.
85-88 V6 Steel Vacuum Line Set
Fix those small vacuum leaks with a set of The Fiero Store's CNC bent steel replacement lines featuring a black powder coat finish. The black finish resembles the factory look of the plastic originals and protects the steel lines from corrosion. Restore your engine's performance with a set of lines that look very similar to your factory originals while being far more durable.
Pontiac Rear Fascia Logo
Aftermarket reproduction of the chrome plastic ""pontiac"" rear fascia emblem. This emblem has a self stick back and locating pins for easy installation.
Trailer Hitch....It's Finally Back!
After being discontinued for over a year, we are very pleased to have the Fiero trailer hitch back in stock. It utilizes a 1.25" receiver with a towing capacity of up to 2,000lbs. Fits all years and models and is barely noticeable behind your car.
84-88 Lug Nuts and Caps
Bring back the luster to your Fiero wheels by replacing your stripped, tarnished or missing lug nuts and caps. Now available in sets of 5 for just 1 wheel or a complete set of 20 for the all 4 wheels.
Located in:
84-88 E-Brake Spring Set
Located in:
Notchback Quarter Windows
86-88 GT Rear Fascia Emblem
The Fiero Store is pleased to announce the return of rear GT emblems after they were discontinued by GM. This aftermarket reproduction part fits on the rear fascia of 86-88 GT models.