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Now Back in Stock: 84-88 Outer Door Glass Seals!
After several weeks, the door glass seals are back and ready to ship. Available in pairs and sets of four for greater savings!
84-88 LED Headlamp Conversion Kit
Upgrade your stock dim 80's headlamps and improve night time driving enjoyment with our newest headlamp conversion kit that utilizes replaceable LED bulbs.
84-88 Center Console Skeleton
Fiero Fender Gripper Mat
Protect your Fieros finish while you work on your engine or perform regular maintenance. The Fender Grippers washable non-slip material will not slide off slick surfaces nor will tools slide off of it.
86-88 GT OE Style Quarter Windows
These reproduction GT quarter windows are the closest match to the discontinued GM originals that we have sold. Each window is vacuum molded to have the correct curvature from front to back and top to bottom. They also have an almost identical dot matrix pattern and GT emblem.
3rd Brake Lamp Housing
The 3rd brake lamp housing in every Fiero tends to melt from the heat of the bulb. This can be hazardous and will reduce the brightness of your 3rd brake lamp. Our new aftermarket lamp housing also includes a new rubber seal that fits between the rear window and lens.
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Now Back in Stock! 84-87 Front Cradle Bushings!
After a long absence, The Fiero Store is proud to again offer the front rubber cradle mount bushings and sleeves. If these bushing are bad, the whole rear of the car can become unstable.
ECM Code Reader
84-88 Battery Support
The Fiero Store has now reproduced this discontinued GM battery support. The original support rusts and corrodes due to weather and battery acid. A rusted support will result in an unsecure battery and could become a saftey hazard. We also offer a complete battery box package at a heavily discounted price.
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The Best Brake Pads Are Back!
The Fiero Store is proud to reintroduce Carbomet brake pads to the Fiero community. We sold these pads for many years before the manufacturer quit producing them. After a lot of time and effort, we are happy to report that they are back in stock! These semi-metallic and carbon fiber composite pads have been proven to be one of the best pads for the Fiero at an affordable price. You will experience good cold weather braking while enjoying the benefit of less brake fade in hot/excessive braking conditions.
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