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The Best Brake Pads Are Back!
The Fiero Store is proud to reintroduce Carbomet brake pads to the Fiero community. We sold these pads for many years before the manufacturer quit producing them. After a lot of time and effort, we are happy to report that they are back in stock! These semi-metallic and carbon fiber composite pads have been proven to be one of the best pads for the Fiero at an affordable price. You will experience good cold weather braking while enjoying the benefit of less brake fade in hot/excessive braking conditions.
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V6 Spark Plug Wire Shields - Back in Stock!
The Fiero Store has once again reproduced these long discontinued shields. Protect your spark plug wires from melting with OEM style spark plug wire shields. Each steel shield will help your spark plug wires withstand the heat generated by your exhaust manifolds.
84-86 Headlamp Motor Isolation relay
The Fiero Store is proud to announce the release of this long discontinued headlamp motor isolation relay for 84-86 Fieros. If both motors are not working, then this is very often the culprit.
84-88 Horn Contact Plastic Plunger (3-spoke wheels)
Notchback Rear Trunk Weatherstrip
The Fiero Store is proud to announce the release of these new reproduction notchback trunk seals! This seal fits around the rear trunk compartment to keep it water tight. This part was discontinued by GM long ago, and has been unavailable for several years.
85-88 V6 Ultimate Dog Bone
The ultimate dog bone is made of TIG welded chrome moly steel tubing with polyurethane bushings. This dog bone replaces the factory aluminum & rubber unit from the top of the engine to the trunk wall. It is far less prone to wearing out like the factory piece and comes painted black with red bushings. Ensure less engine movement as well as longer lasting lower engine & transmission mounts.
Power Window Switch Plates
Replace your cracked or faded power window switch plate with a quality aftermarket reproduction. This switch plate will fit in your shift console without any modifications. Available for models with or without power mirrors.
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87-88 Stainless Braided Fuel Lines
Replace your worn mild steel/rubber fuel lines with The Fiero Store's stainless braided steel reproductions. Each line is CNC bent from stainless steel pipe to exact OEM specifications.
84-88 Door Bumper Set
85-88 V6 Flexible Braided Steel EGR Tube
A cracked EGR tube will cause a large vacuum leak resulting in a high idle situation. The Fiero Store now carries a redesigned EGR tube made from flexible braided steel. This tube will not be prone to cracking like the GM original. If your tube is still original, think about replacing it before problems occur.