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V6 Spark Plug Wire Shields - Back in Stock!
The Fiero Store has once again reproduced these long discontinued shields. Protect your spark plug wires from melting with OEM style spark plug wire shields. Each steel shield will help your spark plug wires withstand the heat generated by your exhaust manifolds.
84-86 Headlamp Motor Isolation relay
The Fiero Store is proud to announce the release of this long discontinued headlamp motor isolation relay for 84-86 Fieros. If both motors are not working, then this is very often the culprit.
E-Brake Cables in a Discounted Package
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GT Trunk Weatherstrips - Back in Stock!
After being out of stock for many months, The Fiero Store has just received our latest shipment of GT trunk weatherstrips. This seal is an almost exact reproduction of the discontinued GM original. Replace your torn leaking original seal with this high quality replacement.
Dress-up your V6 Engine Compartment
Dress up your engine compartment with our new billet aluminum accessory covers. All of these pieces have a milled aluminum finish. They look great as is or could easily be polished to a chrome like finish with a little elbow grease. Available to cover the oil cap, t-stat housing, map sensor and that rusty EGR valve. These new pieces provide a quick and easy way to improve your underhood appearance for car shows or cruise nights.
Haynes Service Manual Back in Stock!
This manual was always a great quick reference guide to servicing and working on your Fiero. It went out of print a few years ago and we are happy to have it on the shelves once again.
84-88 Rear Window Defrost Switch
The Fiero Store has reproduced this long discontinued rear window defrost switch. This switch mounts on the speedo pod and activates the rear window defogger.
Seat Recline Handles
Steering Rack Tool
ABS Speaker Door Panels
A great way to add more sound to your Fiero! Can be painted to match your stock interior (as shown) or wrapped for a more custom look (i.e. carpet, vinyl, etc). No cutting required.
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