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85-88 Chrome Intake Bolt Set
Your factory upper intake bolts are probably starting to chip or rust. Our chrome-plated replacements will help bring the shine back to your upper intake plenum. These replacements bolts have a 12.9 tensile strength versus GM originals which had a 9.8 rating. Each bolt in the set has the same size head (unlike the originals) and are quick and easy to replace.
2017 Fiero Store Calendars, Now Half Off!
Enjoy the high-quality pictures of our customers' beautiful cars in scenic locations. A great addition to any wall in the house or in the shop. 8.5” x 11”, limited quantities available.
Now Available: Ash Tray Door Springs!
The Fiero Store is proud to offer reproduction steel ash tray door springs to replace the long discontinued GM originals!
Show your Fiero Pride in Comfort
Enjoy comfort and style with The Fiero Store's newest piece of apparel. Whether using them for all day wear or just lounging around the house, these boxers will keep you comfortable while showing your Fiero pride. Navy blue and white plaid. Made from 100% soft cotton with an elastic wasteband.
GM Original L/H Front Fender Molding
During our recent move, we uncovered a bunch of discontinued GM original driver's side rounded smooth front fender moldings. Even if you don't need one now, it might be wise to have an extra just in case. These GM originals won't be available for very long.
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New! Reproduction Aero Nose Front License Plate Brackets!
The Fiero Store is proud to introduce our new aero nose front license plate bracket. With more and more states requiring a front plate, there is finally a correct looking replacement for the long discontinued GM part.
Aero Style Front Air Dam
The Fiero Store has now reproduced the air dam that fits under your factory aero/GT style front fascia. This piece is often damaged by curbs due to its low ground clearance.
Upholstery Kits
The Fiero Store's upholstery kits will replace your torn or faded factory seat material. Each kit contains pre-sewn upholstery for the upper and lower portions of both seats. The upholstery will install the same as your factory seats with zippers and hog rings. Each backrest features the GT patch and vinyl horizontal strip. Since the original Pallex material is no longer manufactured, these kits are made from automotive grade velour.
84-88 Rear Window Defrost Switch
The Fiero Store has reproduced this long discontinued rear window defrost switch. This switch mounts on the speedo pod and activates the rear window defogger.
87-88 Headlight Motor Gears and Pins
The torque pins and gear inside the 87-88 headlamp motors tend to wear over time. Worn gear/pins can cause the headlamps to not come up, come up and fall down, not come up at all, continue to run, etc.