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Haynes Service Manual Back in Stock!
This manual was always a great quick reference guide to servicing and working on your Fiero. It went out of print a few years ago and we are happy to have it on the shelves once again.
Now Back in Stock: 84-88 Fiero Fuel Sending Units!
After a long wait, the Fiero Sending Units are back on the shelf! Made for V6, but easily adapted to 4cyl cars w/ our new connector kit (Part #60915)!
84-88 Fuel Sending Unit Connector Kit
These 2 mating weatherpack connectors can be used as a direct replacement for all 85-88 V6 Fieros and as a splice kit when installing our fuel sending unit in a 4cyl car. Includes both the sending unit side and the vehicle harness side connector.
1988 Caliper Sliders and Boots Now Available
The Fiero Store has now reproduced these long discontinued 1988 caliper sliders (sleeves) and slider boots. Ripped or torn boots will allow water into the slider. Damaged and corroded sliders can prevent smooth caliper movement, resulting in improper braking.
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V6 Tune Up Kit
Give your Fiero a tune up with one easy, affordable part number. Each tune up kit includes a distributor cap, rotor, AC Delco spark plugs and black STI spark plug wires. A tune up kit will save you more than 15% off of the regular retail price of each part.
Now Back in Stock! 84-87 Front Cradle Bushings!
After a long absence, The Fiero Store is proud to again offer the front rubber cradle mount bushings and sleeves. If these bushing are bad, the whole rear of the car can become unstable.
Power Window Switch Plates
Replace your cracked or faded power window switch plate with a quality aftermarket reproduction. This switch plate will fit in your shift console without any modifications. Available for models with or without power mirrors.
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Fiero Store Gift Certificates
Not sure what to get the Fiero enthusiast in your life? Give your friend or loved one a shopping spree at The Fiero Store. A gift certificate makes a great gift for any occasion.
Inner & Outer Door Glass Seals NOW BACK IN STOCK!
After a long wait, the inner & outer door glass seals are now back in stock. Replace all of your door glass seals with one easy, discounted part number.
85-88 V6 Ultimate Dog Bone
The ultimate dog bone is made of TIG welded chrome moly steel tubing with polyurethane bushings. This dog bone replaces the factory aluminum & rubber unit from the top of the engine to the trunk wall. It is far less prone to wearing out like the factory piece and comes painted black with red bushings. Ensure less engine movement as well as longer lasting lower engine & transmission mounts.