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Serviceable Used Parts

In order to help keep your Fiero in roadworthy condition, The Fiero Store is now offering serviceable used parts. The design of these discontinued parts prevents us from manufacturing new aftermarket replacements. Please keep in mind that the newest used panels available are more than 15 years old. Therefore, our used parts will not be in new condition, they will be in serviceable condition. The following list describes what you can expect from used parts.

Used Parts:
  • have no cracks on any exposed surface.
  • are not color matched to the specific color of your Fiero (painting is required).
  • may have light scratches and/or paint chips on exposed surfaces.
  • may have slight damage to mounting holes that can be repaired.
  • may require auto body, fiberglass and/or plastic resin skills to repair any mounting hole damage.

Below are two examples of the imperfections some of the body panels may have:

Please call 1-800-343-7648 or 1-860-684-6762 for more details on specific parts.