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V6 Catalytic Converter

Parts List
  • Walker Free-Flow Catalytic Converter
  • V-6 Headpipe w/ Flange
  • 2" Muffler Clamps

InstallationPlease check to make sure all parts have been received before beginning the installation process. If there are any problems or questions with the package, please call 1-800-343-7648. If you are unfamiliar with exhaust systems and feel this may not be the job for you, seek the help of a professional automotive technician.

1. Remove the spring loaded bolts from the factory headpipe.

2. Cut original catalytic converter off of exhaust system just behind the factory welds.

3. File any weld or cutting debris from the exhaust system so the new assembly will mate properly, ensuring a no-leak fit.

4. The replacement converter is made to slide over the factory exhaust pipe or our aftermarket headpipe. Fit the new converter over the factory exhaust system and clamp in place.

5. The headpipe was made to eliminate the catalytic converter for off-road purposes. Next, you will need to bolt the headpipe in place and align it next to the converter. The converter is made to fit over the headpipe, so make a mark as to where the pipe should be cut and cut as needed.

6. Slide the converter over the headpipe and clamp them together. Make sure the flange assembly is lined up properly and clamps are tightened to ensure a no-leak system.

Note: Catalytic converter may be welded in, if so desired.

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