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ABS Headliner Installation Instructions

84-88 Pontiac Fiero

TOOLS REQUIRED: Phillips screwdriver, flat head screwdriver and a torx bit socket set.

Step 1. Remove sun visor brackets: Remove 3 Phillips screws holding each visor bracket. Retain these parts unless new screws were ordered.

Step 2. Remove the dome light assembly: Carefully pry the 2 outer lenses off to expose 2 of the dome light retaining screws. Remove these 2 screws. Remove the two screws where the sun visors snapped in.

Step 3. Remove the 2 rear coat hanger hooks. One Phillips screw holds each in place.

Skip step 4 if your Fiero does not have a 3rd brake lamp

Step 4. Remove 3rd brake lamp trim and lamp assembly: Two screws hold the trim panel in place and 2 screws hold the lamp to the roof. Be careful when removing the bulb. The bulb connector tends to get brittle with age.

Step 5. Remove B-pillar panels (these are the trim panels that go up the chassis on the side of each seat): Remove the Phillips screw from the door opening and the torx bolt that holds the upper seat belt anchor. Pull the panel in (towards center of car) and forward. Be gentle because there is a clip on the backside that can break if the panel is removed too aggressively.

Step 6. Remove the A-pillar (windshield pillar) trim moldings: These are held in place with clips. Start by pulling the windshield portion of the molding inward to release the clips. Then carefully pry the roof portion of the molding down and outward to release the two remaining clips. Be careful because the moldings are plastic and tend to be brittle due to age. You may want to pull them outward slightly so that you can see behind the molding to familiarize yourself with how the molding is attached.

Note: New interior panels are unavailable. Used inventory is depleting and may not be as nice as yours.


Note: All ABS headliner boards come with pre-cut holes in the board for dome lights, visor bracket openings, etc. Fabric will cover the entire board. Once you choose which openings you need, use a sharp razor knife to cut an “X” in the center of each opening. Fold back the material and glue or tape it to the back side of the board. This will give each opening a clean appearance. If you have a sunroof, make sure to leave at least 3 inches of overhang around the sunroof opening since this overhang will tuck into the metal sunroof filler strip. Leave more overhang than is needed. You can always cut excess material off later.

Step 1. Install new headliner. Align the coat hanger hook mounting holes and install the coat hanger hooks. The dome light cutout in the headliner should now be lined up so that the dome light assembly can be reinstalled.

Step 2. Replace moldings: Insert the replacement clips into the moldings and replace the moldings in the following order: A-pillars (windshield pillars) first and the B-pillars second.

Step 3. Install sun visors. We recommend leaving the sun visors, coat hook hangers and dome light screws loose until all screws are installed. This will allow you to move the headliner around slightly to align the screw holes.

Step 4. Tighten all the screws evenly and make sure all the panels are clipped in.