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Manual Transmission Removal

6-8 hours labor

1. Disconnect battery ground cable.
2. Remove deck lid and louvered panels.
3. Remove upper rear engine support bolt.
4.Install engine support fixture tool No. J-28467 or equivalent, see accompanying figure.
5.Raise and support vehicle.
6.Remove slave cylinder from clutch, leaving hydraulic line connected.
7.Disconnect shift cables from transaxle.
8.Disconnect EGR valve output pipe from exhaust pipe.
9.Remove both wheel and tire assemblies.
10.Disconnect parking brake cable from brake calipers and body brackets.
11.Remove lower ball joints, then disconnect tie rods.
12.Remove axle shafts from transaxle.
13.Remove rubber boots from splash shield cradle retainers.
14.Remove rear transaxle bracket mount attaching bolts.
15.Remove motor mount nuts from cradle and from engine mount shock.
16.Remove crossover pipe to converter attaching bolts.
17.Support cradle with a suitable jack, then remove cradle attaching bolts and lower cradle from vehicle.
18.Disconnect electrical connector from oxygen sensor.
19.Remove crossover pipe heat shields, then the exhaust crossover pipe.
20.Support transaxle with a suitable jack.
21.Remove upper transaxle to engine attaching bolts, then the clutch inspection plate cover.
22.Remove lower engine blot studs, then the coolant pipe from stud and nut.
23.Lower transaxle assembly from vehicle.
24.Reverse procedure to install.

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