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Ash Tray Door Installation

Removing the Factory Components1. Remove ash trays and shift knob.
2.Remove the two 7mm screws underneath each ash tray.
3.Lift off the shift console pod.
Remove the Old Doors4.Remove the face plate from the pod. The factory face plate was glued to the pod, so you may need to pry it off gently. A small heat gun may make this process easier. Be gentle so you do not damage the plate or the pod.
5.Remove your old ash tray doors by bending the pin divider inward while gently prying the side tabs off of their locating pins (see image below).
Install the New Doors6.Install the new ash tray doors. The side tabs of the doors are not meant to be pryed on and can easily break. Instead, bend the tab divider in toward the center of the ash tray door to release the tabs. The center divider is fairly flexible and much less prone to breaking. We find it easiest to slide the ash tray doors in from the bottom side of the console plate as the divider is bent inward. Installing from the bottom makes it easier to get the door tabs over the divider pins.
Be very careful not to break the side tabs of the ash tray doors. The Fiero Store will not warranty any ash tray doors with broken tabs.