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Bleeding the Coolant System

1. Fill the radiator with the proper mixture of coolant & water.
2. Remove the thermostat housing cap and pull the thermostat out.
3. Jack up the rear of the car (so the thermostat housing is slightly higher than the radiator).
4. Add coolant/water to the thermostat housing until coolant is seen at the base of the housing.
5. Start the engine and make sure to turn the heat on so that coolant/air cycles through the heater core system.
6. Let the car run until it gets to operating temperature (upper radiator hose gets warm). Add coolant to the thermostat housing as needed.
7. Cap the thermostat housing once the car is at operating temperature and/or coolant starts to raise up into the thermostat housing.
8. Let the car cool and re-install the thermostat and cap.
9. Lower the vehicle.