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Bra Care & Maintenance

Tips for easier installation, care and maintenance of your LeBra front end cover

1. Carefully wash & wax your Fiero before installing the LeBra. Use a quality protectant wax that is appropriate for the Fiero's plastic/rubber front fascia.
2. Install the LeBra in temperatures of 70°F or higher. The warmth will make the fabric more pliable and will allow the LeBra to stretch slightly for a tighter and smoother fit. After installation is complete, make sure the cover is tight at all times. Warm weather will cause the material to expand and it may be necessary to re-tighten the cover.
3. If your Fiero has been repainted, the paint work must have been completed at or above the specification of the factory paint job.
4. Do not use vinyl protectants on your LeBra. These products clog the perforations that permit the cover to breath and dry
5. Your LeBra is constructed of breathable vinyl. This means that the fabric is perforated to allow air to pass through and to allow the moisture to escap while driving. Moisture trapped between the vehicle and the LeBra while the car is stationary can cause the paint to cloud or fade. Remove the LeBra if it becomes wet when the vehicle will not be driven. Allow the vehicle and LeBra to dry completely before reinstalling.
6. Do not allow dust or dirt to accumulate under the LeBra. These accumulations can damage the paint on the vehicle. Remove the LeBra every 2 weeks, and if needed, wash both the vehicle and LeBra. Do not leave the cover on the car when washing as soap can become trapped and may cause damage. To further protect your car's finish, wax as often as needed.
7. If the LeBra starts flapping due to high winds or excessive speed, pull over immediately and retighten the LeBra or remove it. Flapping may cause damage to your vehicle's paint.
8. Clean the LeBra inside and out with warm water, liquid dish soap and a soft brush, then rinse thoroughly. Allow it to dry completely before reinstalling.