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Polyurethane Bushing Installation

1) Poly bushings for the Fiero are designed to replace the rubber portion of the original bushing (and inner sleeve when supplied). The original outer metal shells, washers, spacers and special washers and sleeves that are used with cam bolt type bushings must be reused. If the inner metal sleeve is not included in the kit, then the original inner sleeve must be reused.
2) Remove the control arm, trailing arm or engine cradle from the car, being careful not to damage any parts that are to be reused. Removal of the original rubber bushing is best accomplished by burning away the original rubber. Pay careful attention to any adjoining parts that could be damaged by heat. The Fiero Store has found that slowly heating the outside of the sleeve is easiest. Once the rubber starts to pop from heat, hit one end of the rubber with a hammer to pop the bushing out of the sleeve. It may be best to do this outside in an open area so that the hot rubber does not cover anything of value. Also, make sure you do not stand in front of the rubber. CAUTION - this should be done by a qualified specialist as it can be dangerous.
3) Remove the remainder of the original rubber bushing material and clean the inner portion of the metal sleeve. This can be done by wire brushing, sanding or any similar process.
4) Disassemble the new urethane bushings. Lightly grease each bushing as the diagram indicates with special super grease included in the kit. If more grease is needed, obtain super grease from The Fiero Store (part #51750). Use only our special super grease.
5) Press the new urethane bushings into the sleeves. This can usually be done by hand, with a rubber mallet or bench vise.
6) Re-install the control arm, trailing arm or engine cradle and all necessary washers, spacers and sleeves. Torque to factory specifications.
7) Re-align vehicle.
8) After driving vehicle for approximately 50 miles, re-torque bushing retaining nuts and or bolts to be sure they have not loosened due to the bushings settling in. Repeat this procedure after vehicle is raced, driven offroad or driven in abusive conditions.
Thrust washer installation instructions for lower control arm bushingThe thrust washers prevent the sideward movement of the control arm that may occur during cornering. Each washer installs on the small end of the lower control arm bushing once it has been pressed into the control arm.