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84-87 Front Vented Brake Kit

Parts List
  • 1 L/H caliper
  • 1 R/H caliper
  • 1 L/H caliper bracket
  • 1 R/H caliper bracket
  • 2 wheel hubs w/ studs
  • 2 vented rotors
  • 1 brake pad set
  • 2 inner wheel bearings
  • 2 outer wheel bearings
  • 2 inner wheel seals

Please check to make sure all parts have been received before beginning the installation process. If there are any problems or questions with the package, please call 1-800-343-7648.
If you are unfamiliar with brake systems and feel this may not be the job for you, seek the help of a professional automotive technician.
Remove your original calipers, caliper brackets and rotors from your Fiero. Pack the new bearings with the proper wheel bearing grease and make sure all bearings are completely full of grease. Fill the center of each new hub with grease as well. Install the greased inner bearing into each wheel hub and carefully press in the new seals (seal installer is preferred). Install the new caliper brackets with the original bolts that held the factory brackets in place. The new brackets will be marked "L" for the driver's side and "R" for the passenger's side.
Install each hub onto the spindle and slide the outer bearings into place. Hand tighten the retaining washer and nut onto the spindle. Install pads onto each caliper and bolt the new calipers onto the new caliper brackets. NOTE: The brake bleeder valves should always be pointing upward, therefore, the caliper marked "RIGHT" will go on the driver's side of the vehicle and the one marked "LEFT" will go on the passenger's side. Connect the brake lines to the calipers, making sure to use new washers on each side of the brake line banjo fitting. Now seat the new bearings in place by tightening the center retainer nut to factory specifications and install cotter pin and dust shield. Bleed your new brake system, without letting the master cylinder drain empty, as air would get pulled back into the hydraulic system and make the bleeding process even longer. Re-check all nuts and bolts to make sure everything is tight and safe. Mount your wheels, take it for a ride and enjoy!